Our Service Specialties

We Service Strange Engineering Products

Rear End Construction

  1. Custom Roll Cages & Funny Car Cage Installation

  2. Custom Ladder Bars & 4 Link with Anti Roll Bar Setup

  3. Custom Fabricate 9 Ford Housings

  4. Install Custom Seats & Window Nets

  5. Custom Wheelie Bars & Parachutes

  6. Fuel Cell Installation & Plumbing

  7. Specializing in IRS Suspensions

  8. Import Drag Cars/Suspensions

  9. Complete Chassis Setup

  10. Specializing in Gear Setups

  11. Housings Reinforcing & Narrowing

  12. Straighten Housing Tubes

Front End Construction

  1. Modify Front Sub Frame
  2. Custom Rack & Pinion with Drop Spindle Setup Installation
  3. Custom Motor Plates & Mid Plates
  4. Custom Install Coil Over
  5. Custom Brake Installation
  6. Brake Master Cylinder Installations & Plumbing
  7. Custom Radiators

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  1. Fuel Injection Intake Manifold Conversions
  2. Custom Intake Elbows
  3. Supercharger Installation
  4. Custom Headers & Exhaust Systems
  5. Complete Custom Stainless Steel Turbo System Setup
  6. Custom Intercooler Air to Air or Water to Air
  7. Custom Aluminum Intercooler Piping
  8. Nitrous Plumbing
  9. Custom Gas Tank Fuel Sumps

Check out some of our Custom Induction Systems

95% Of Our Welding is Tig

Complete Engine Installation Services

Plus Our MUSTANG DYNO 1750/SE 2000HP 250MH

With MoTec Wideband Air Fuel Meter

Custom Tuning...

With Big Stuff /Fast System /Diablo sport /HP Tuner PLUS LOTS MORE

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